Emily Haines - Cut in Half and Also Double

Anyone who reads Pitchfork's constant bashing of Metric knows it's nothing more than a "we wish Emily would make a solo album of songs like that Anthem song" rant. Those of us who know and love the band (especially the live shows, as the pix above speaks to) know the power of Emily's voice (and cuteness, I might add), but there's no denying the band rocks, totally.

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Pistol Fury

Here's the Pistol's reaction to their selection for the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame. Reminds me why "Bollocks" is the best punk album of all time.



Everyday I set out with a vengeance to play enough albums to quench my nerd-ic craze for collecting music. I'm lucky at the end of each busy day if I make it through one album (except its Stephen Malkmus' day-that's on heavy rotation). So as far as blogging helps you achieve your goals (cos your readers are counting on you), I 'm starting a playlist for meself each day, to be conquered before I lay me down to sleep or the lord my soul doth take.

Here's today's:

Tapes 'N Tapes: The Loon (you should check this out, cos they mean it when they say SM is an influence)
Man Man: Six Demon Bag (did not impress me on first listen, but I am very forgiving).
Destroyer: Destroyer's Rubies (can't wait).

See you at the end of the day.


Josh Rouse - Subtitulo

You probably heard JR's new album is due March 21, 2006. Word is there's some espanol influence on this one. Let's check it out together. A preview of the entire album can be found here.


Robert Pollard-From A Compound Eye

Full album stream here