Inbox Pick: The Antlers Do My Bloody Valentine

A few months ago I raved about The Antlers a.k.a. Peter Silberman and his fantastic free download full length EP/LP In the Attic of the Universe. Attic will be re-released by Fall Records this autumn in re-mastered and re-packaged form, which means its no longer free, although you can stream it all here. For now you can also get a download for really cheap - just 5 bucks. I strongly recommend this album.

Here's a new take on My Bloody Valentine's "When You Sleep" from The Antlers. Enjoy.


Common Returns

Common needs no hype. Anyone who identifies with hip-hop orthodoxy knows him. And respects what he does for rap music. I just got a bust of inspiration watching two new videos off his upcoming release on Geffen, the Kanye-produced Finding Forever. Check it out here.

I have heard some of the tracks on this one around the interweb. Currently in love with the one featuring D'Angelo & J Dilla. Can't wait till July 31. I hope this comes out on vinyl too.


Summer Tenderizers

With plus 32 degree Celsius temperatures in the City of Champions, the beautiful Ms. Spektor leads off our exploration for anything to cool down with.
We also hearken to her wise words:
Summer in the city, means cleavage cleavage cleavage... Regina Spektor, Begin to Hope, 2006
Summer In The City Regina Spektor
I'll Go To My Grave Loving You Kelly Hogan
The Fairest of the Seasons Nico
Brad Haunts a Party Nina Nastasia
Crazy He Calls Me Linda Ronstadt
Crowd Surf Off A Cliff Emily Haines & The Soft Skeleton
I Love You More Than Words Can Say Karen Dalton
Bury My Head Kate Walsh
Summertime Nina Simone
Where No Endings End Keren Ann
Moonshiner Cat Power
Onliest (Live) Feist
The Limit To Your Love Feist
Absinthe Beth Orton