Keiji Haino With Boris: From Japan With Drone.

Not too long ago, I did a post on Japanese noise rockers Boris and their totally dope latest titled Pink (2005), released earlier this year in North America. Since that time, I have taken the time to explore their incredible discography and to wonder how much good music we'll probably never know about if the internet, Pitchfork, and music blogs did not exist. It's definitely right that these guys are getting the attention they deserve this side of the globe, and I am one of those eagerly awaiting their collaboration with the mystical SunnO))) titled Altar which is due out sometime soon.

Just yesterday, my special order of their rather unavailable 1998 collaboration with noise master Keiji Haino entitled Black: Implication Flooding arrived via international trade. I have the cd on full rotation, and it has worked quite well in providing the right background atmosphere for my present position as a full time World Cup watcher. I am pleased to share some tracks from the cd with you, but you are better off just getting into these guys. Of course, not everything they've done has to be acquired from obscure places, you can find a pile at the market or in other places where good music is sold. Enjoy.

A Rise, A Moment Before Something Unexpected Is On the Verge of Starting
It Should Be Watched, Not To Fail To Notice These Flashes of an Accusation from Inside
The Person Who, What Is She Like, The One Who Has Been Determined and Prepared

Buy Pink and other Boris albums.
Buy Keiji Haino's music.


New Radiohead

This one debuted live yestersay at the Hummingbird Centre in Toronto.

Down Is The New Up

The Raconteurs: Live at Amoeba Records, San Francisco, CA., June 8, 2006.

So Jack and the boys did two free all ages gigs at Amoeba Music in Hollywood and San Francisco yesterday. Here's the San Francisco show.

Intimate Secretary
Steady As She Goes
Broken Boy Soldier
Store Bought Bones
5 On The 5
Blue Veins

Oasis: Live at The Point, Dublin, Ireland, 05 December 1997.


Sigur Rós: Roskilde Festival, Roskilde, Denmark, 2000-07-02; Songs/Albums To Check Out.

Some classic Sigur Rós to start off the day. This is from an early performance of songs that were later to appear on the twice Grammy nominated 2002 album, ( ) (yes, that's the album title), with the exception of "Svefn-G-Englar", which appears on Ágætis Byrjun (1999) and "Nýja Lagið", a live version of which appears on the "Svefn-G-Englar" single.

Nýja Lagið

And from my most recent musical acquisitions, here are a few worth mentioning. I recommend checking these out for sure.

Fidelity Regina Spektor (from the upcoming album Begin To Hope). With this song, Ms. Spektor has created a whole new genre of music. I'll call this genre "Bloody Awesome". If the rest of the album is anything like this, I am in for a little wetting of myself on first listen. I already pre-ordered Begin To Hope from the market; do yourself a favor and do the same.

To: Elliott From: Portland Various Artists
. My favorite of the various tributes to late singer-songwriter Elliott Smith. A great testimony of Elliott's songwriting skills, very very recommended. Here's the opener on the album, contributed by The Decemberists.

Clementine The Decemberists

Waterloo To Anywhere
Dirty Pretty Things. Okay, let's get one thing straight. If you are into comparisms, this album blows Babyshambles' Down In Albion to bits. For me, it brings this shocking revelation: Carl Barât and Gary Powell were the heart of The Libertines. This is the best thing of its kind I have heard this year, and I am beginning to think maybe it's not such a bad thing they let the "Deadwood" go. Here's a teaser.

Bang Bang You're Dead

Couple Of Times Round The Sun Rob Heath. Simple, honest songwriting and skillful rendition of these laid back country tunes by one of Canada's hidden talents make this disc a keeper. Recommended. Here's a teaser.

Fallen Angel


Radiohead: On A Friday/Shindig Demos, Summer 1990

Folks, here's a temporary distraction from your illegal quest for the Eraser leak. The second set of Radiohead demos recorded under the band name "On A Friday". Since the info notes that came with this are excellent, I'll just post it.

"This tape is a collection of demos made over the summer of 1990. All the members were by this point at different Universities around the country, but reconvened over the summer, with the exception of Phil who was in Ireland, although at this time the band did not have a settled name, having dropped On A Friday, but not come up with anything better. The band's working title was 'Shindig', which survived long enough for Thom to spray paint it on his acoustic guitar case, but by the time of their next 'proper' demo, they had reverted to On A Friday. In order to keep recording and rehearsing a school friend who had recorded some previous demos for the band was drafted in to keep the drum stool warm. The Clifton Hampden tracks were recorded over a number of weeks with this line up, while Jonny took the four track home with him in between where him, Thom and Colin worked on tracks. When Phil returned the band recorded another demo track in rehearsal, 'What's That You See?', significant because it was the first time Jonny moved from keyboards to guitar. The song was the only one from this period that remained in the set up until just prior to the deal with Parlophone.
04 - This track was demoed again later this year at Dungeon Studios in Oxfordshire, this version is the original rehearsal take.
05, 08, 12 - Significant tracks as the first time under the band banner they had worked with technology, in this case drum loops from Public Enemy and Soul To Soul. Since the band did not own a sampler, the loops were generated by Thom repeatedly recording from his walkman onto a track of the Portastudio, hence the loop stuttering ocassionally in Everyone Needs Someone To Hate. In Rattlesnake he adjusted the eq on his walkman as the loops were recorded, which gives the drum track it's texture.
07 - Recorded by Thom solo, this song had it's chorus replaced and was revived as Maquiladora for The Bends sessions.
08 - This track was demoed again later this year at Dungeon Studios in Oxfordshire, this version is the original version with the Soul To Soul drums. Still a potential hit too IMHO.
09 - Re-recorded during The Bends sessions pretty much verbatim, with drums added. This version is scrappy, but has the added attraction of cars passing the village hall in the rain.
11 - Also survived in the live set for some time.
13 - A full band version of this was demoed later, but this is the acoustic take. The Bush of the title refers to George Snr.
14 - Apparently Thom arrived at Jonny's house excited one day that he'd written his most viscous set of lyrics. Jonny and Colin suggested doing it as a ska number. Which they did. They also sped it up.
15 - Since he didn't own a sequencer at that time, Jonny triggered his Roland U20 to play the bass line of this song from a painstakingly programmed drum machine. This song is significant one of only two vocal contributions ever made by Colin. He ranted like Captain Beefheart for the verses while Thom sang the choruses."

Climbing Up A Bloody Great Hill
Mr B
What's That You See?
Everyone Needs Someone To Hate
Upside Down
The Greatest Shindig Of The World
Give It Up
How Can You Be Sure?
Life With The Big F
Keep Strong
Burning Bush
Tell Me Bitch
New Generation

Tracks 1, 3, 9, 10, 11: Recorded at Clifton Hampden Village Hall, drums - Nigel Powell
Track 4: Recorded at Nuneham Courtenay Village Hall, drums - Phil Selway
Other tracks: Recorded in one or more bedrooms.


Destroyer: In Session at CBC Studio 2, Vancouver, 10 Apr 2006.

We Canadians believe we have indie music by the rubies right now. If you doubt it, show us your Dan Bejar or Destroyer. And don't even get me started on why we wear the crown right now. Just hear it.

The Crossover Song
It's Gonna Take An Airplane
Streethawk II
Destroyer's Rubies
Looter's Follies
The Old Man Song

Go get yourself all the Destroyer albums, and throw in some New Pornographers as well. Or maybe some Frog Eyes. If you lack, just get Destroyer's Rubies (the title of Destroyer's latest, not to be confused with anyone's rubies).


Electrelane: Live at The Vera Project, Seattle, WA, 25 Sept. 2004.

And the final post on the bugle for this wonderful Sunday blitz.... Ladies and gentlemen, the lovely ladies of Electrelane, opening for Dutch anarchists, The Ex. Sometime in the future, I'll have the Electrelane Peel session up here.

Blue Straggler
I Want To Be The President
If Not Now, When?
Only One Thing Is Needed
Take The Bit Between Your Teeth
Long Dark

The Super-Terrific Gillian Welch: Revival Demos

The seriously under-appreciated Gillian Welch makes a showing on this lowly blog today, and in a big way too. Most of you have probably heard of Gillian, especially if you follow the music of longtime pal Ryan Adams, where she often shows up as the interesting sidekick no one ever cares to check out after. Of course, she also collaborated on Heartbreaker and the Destroyer sessions (along with partner David Rawlings), and is the original provider of the amazing "Orphan Girl", covered by Emmylou Harris on Wrecking Ball. Revival was Gillian's debut and closest shave with mainstream fame (1997 grammy nominee, Best Contemporary Folk Album).

Here are the 1995 demos for Revival, performed with David Rawlings. As far as I can ascertain, only four songs from the demos make it into the final recording unchanged, and Red Clay Halo appears on Gillian's third full lenght, Time (The Revelator). Others appear to be unreleased to date, or released with changed titles (leave a comment if you know better).

455 Rocket
Play It Slow
Tear My Stillhouse Down
Orphan Girl
Pass You By
One More Dollar
Red Clay Halo
Birds Of A Feather
Making Time
I Don't Want To Go Downtown (Keen)
We Must Look Like We're In Love
Forty One Dollars And Change
Unfinished Business
Why He Needs Me

Buy Gillian's music. If you want the lossless versions of these, email me to set up a trade.

Radiohead, The Band Formerly Known As On A Friday: 1988 Demos

I am sure everyone already knows that Radiohead used to be known as "On A Friday", because the only time the band could practice was on a Friday, obviously. As On a Friday, Radiohead released three demos, the first of which I now bring you. My grapevine tells me the second demo, which contains 15 tracks, will show up here later today, so stay tuned. Also, since I am in a post-like-there's-no-tomorrow mood today, some other rarities may show up, including some Electrelane live, the amazing Gillian Welch Revival demos (rare! rare!) and God help us to find the strenght, MOZ!

Btw, these demos are worth a listen, they sound more brit-poppish than experimental prog-rock Radiohead, except for "To Be A Brilliant Light" which viewed in retrospect, is kinda like a sign of things to come.

Happy Song
To Be A Brilliant Light
Sinking Ship

For those of you interested in things like this, here's the recording info:
Thom Yorke - Vocals, Guitar
Ed O'Brien - Guitar, Backing Vocals
Jonny Greenwood - Keyboards
Colin Greenwood - Bass
Phil Selway - Drums, Backing Vocals
Rasmus Peterson - Saxophone
Liz Cotton - Saxophone
Charlotte Cotton - Saxophone

Recorded at Woodworm Studios, Oxfordshire
Engineered and mixed by Dave Pegg.