My Aunt's Playlist: CBS/Pepsi Special Offer - Simon & Garfunkel/The Tremeloes

This is a special find - not sure how many of this are still in circulation. Google and Ebay searches confirm that this guy and this guy have one, so that makes me the third person who is known to possess one for now. Just in case you are a fan of The Tremeloes...

A-side: The Tremeloes Here Comes My Baby
B-side: Simon & Garfunkel The 59th Street Bridge Song (Feelin' Groovy)

Both from a 1967 7-inch single Pepsi-Cola Offer through CBS Records. Enjoy.


My Aunt's Playlist: Twiggy

So while vacationing in Nigeria I found a bunch of precious goodies on vinyl in my aunt's "very dusty" collection. I plan to post these here over the next few weeks, not just to show how cool my aunt was and still is, but also to take a break from the usual "live music" posts. Not even sure I want to do those anymore.

My reaction when I first saw the Twiggy single? Somewhere between surprise and disgust. Kinda like how I felt about Tyra's Shake Ya Body (some things shouldn't happen). But I was being merely ignorant - apart from the fact that this was a high-charting single (#17, UK), Twiggy is actually more than a decent singer. The single, "Here I Go Again" is a cover of 60's folk rock band Country Joe and The Fish, but the real treasure here is the B-side ballad, "In Love Together". Enjoy.

Here I Go Again
In Love Together