Phosphorescent; A Million Hits!

Okay, I am not a big fan of the Greek philosopher pose too, but Matthew Houck and his rotating band of players are the hottest thing on the web and indie music right now. Run quickly to the band myspace and check out four songs from Pride and Aw Come Aw Wry, his last two releases. Aw Come is very Bonnie Prince Billy, but Pride is the sound of a band defining its own sound. Dark, contemplative lyrics, and a brooding minimal sound that will keep you coming back to one of the best albums you'll hear this year.

Listen: Pride
Buy: Pride

On another note, 1 MILLION of you just made it to this blog, all in less than two years since I started posting my lame thoughts on music. I thank you for reading.


Radio Free Europe

Streaming all night long. The best songs you never heard on radio. Clicky.


The Rad Report #1

So what's rad in my playlist this week?

This Modern Love (Bloc Party cover) by Final Fantasy, Live at the Myer Horowitz Theatre, UofA, Edmonton, 17 Oct 2007. Awesome cut - this taping only approximates seeing this live. Thanks to John A. MacDonald for doing the taping honours.

Trading Twilight for Daylight by Great Northern. My fave album discovery of the week. This LA quartet with a seriously cool website should please those of you who like Stars. Melodious hush pop I'll call this one. Love it. Definitely check it out. They have some songs streaming on their website.

Not About Love: The rejected Jon Brion-produced version of the Fiona Apple song. Kicks serious ass. If you wish, you can compare with the album version.

See you soon.