Pavement Begins: Songs from the Slay Tracks EP

Today we revisit Pavement's first 7", the quirky, disturbingly groovy Slay Tracks (1933 - 1969) EP. Of course, these pretentious twentysomethings had no life in 1933, but the title seems just right for the chaotic arrangements that would shake the foundations of college and indie rock. Who could argue with the distorted fax machine rumblings of "You're Killing Me", or the subliminal "Box Elder", or of course the silly fun of "Maybe Maybe"? Plus the strictly lo-fi sonic goodness?

You're Killing Me
Box Elder
Maybe Maybe
She Believes
Price Yeah!

*Songs taken from the Westing... Compilation.


Fox Confessor Meets The Greatest

Cheesy post title, I know. But who cares when you've got Chan and Neko in the house?

Cat Power on KCRW Morning Becomes Eclectic Sept. 12, 2006

The Greatest
Wild Is The Wind (Nina Simone Cover)
Remember Me
Ramblin' Man
Good Woman
Interview With Nic
Love & Communication
House Of The Rising Sun
I Don't Blame You

Neko Case on KCRW Morning Becomes Eclectic Sept. 11, 2006

False Start (Favorite)
That Teenage Feeling
Star Witness
If You Knew
Interview with Nic
Wish I Was The Moon
False Start (Men in Bikini)
Buckets of Rain (Bob Dylan Cover)
Maybe Sparrow

Note: I have the wrong session date (13th instead of 11th) on the Neko mp3s tags. Forgive, dear taggists. You know I try.


R.E.M. Was Fucking Brilliant Back Then

R.E.M. was fucking brilliant back then. This very obvious statement seems to be the new mantra when folks talk about the band these days, and I have heard it mentioned with respect to the new I.R.S. years compilation, And I Feel Fine.... And then the bashing of recent output follows. Well, I have no opinion on this except to say that R.E.M. was fucking brilliant back then. And I rarely ever use the "F" word...

Time After Time (Annelise)
Bad Day (Outtake)

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How about this song from this band that kinda showed up in my inbox and I downloaded it but never played till my iTunes party shuffle picked it up? Impressive, but judge for yourself.

Public Four
My Amelia