Inbox Pick: Explosions In The Sky - Welcome, Ghosts

Here's the first in a new post series called the "Inbox Pick" - basically like an mp3 of the day from my email inbox, obviously. However, the pick will have to be something I fancy, not just some random jam.

Today's Pick
Welcome, Ghosts Explosions in the Sky

The track is from the forthcoming record by indie post-rockers Explosions in the Sky titled All of a Sudden I Miss Everyone due out February 20th.

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Arcade Fire Repost

By popular demand, here.

At War With The Mystics, But Instrumental-ly

Not sure if this is Lips approved, but a completely instrumental version of At War With the Mystics has surfaced on the www. Can't quite find a reference for it too, I only hope it's not a reissue of some kind, which will make me an evil pre-release posting jerk because I am so posting three songs off it.

The Yeah Yeah Yeah Song (Instrumental)
The Wizard Turns On... (Instrumental)
Haven't Got A Clue (Instrumental)

Get At War With the Mystics.
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R.E.M.: Live, Live, War Memorial, Syracuse, N.Y. April 11, 1989.