Joanna Newsom with Northern Sinfonia: Live at The Sage Gateshead, England, Jan 16, 2007, Part 2.


Joanna Newsom with Northern Sinfonia: Live at The Sage Gateshead, England, Jan 16, 2007, Part 1.

Joanna Newsom thrills the Brits at The Sage Gateshead, backed by the 32-person strong Northern Sinfonia chamber orchestra. I have since put her on my list of musicians to see before I move to Manitoba.

Read a review of the gig here.

Here's Part 1 of the gig. Part 2 later. Best listen would be with headphones. If you must download one song, let it be Sawdust and Diamonds, if only to hear a cough try to sabotage one of the best songs ever sung.

Monkey and Bear
Sawdust and Diamonds
Only Skin

Get everything Joanna Newsom. Totally worth it.


Inbox Pick: Max Richter - Bach Shadow


Inbox Pick: Midlake - Roscoe Remixed

A remix of a favorite from one of last year's essential releases - the fantastic homage to classic rock known as The Trials of Van Occupanther (contender for best title too).

For better appreciation, I have also posted the original song.

Roscoe (original)
Roscoe (Beyond the Wizard aka Erol Alkan & Richard Norris Remix)

Now go back to work.

Get The Trials of Van Occupanther.


News Updates

The new Feist album, The Reminder, has leaked all over the internet. Same goes for a certain mix of the new Wilco. Which leads me to ask - how the hell do albums, especially unfinished mixes, leak?

In other news, the splendid Leslie Feist will be in my town May 18th, at the Winspear. Tickets went on sale Friday, and in 20 mins, all the good seats were gone. I grabbed some seats, in the event friends were interested and did not know about the event yet. I got excellent seats of course, and so far have one ticket left that no has paid me for. Seat is in Orchestra Rear, Row M (vantage view). If you leave in E-city and would like to see Feist, email me or leave a comment. I'll trade the ticket for "face value cash" or vintage vinyl records.

Sample Feist, The Water.

Buy Let it Die & Open Season.