Some of My Favorite Grandaddy Songs

If there's one shared sentiment for all indie/space rock fans this year, it is that Grandaddy will be greatly missed. Here's wishing Jason and the gang success in whatever they undertake hereafter.
What follows is a selection of my favorite Grandaddy songs.

Now It's On (recommended)
El Caminos In The West
Hewlett's Daughter (recommended)
The Crystal Lake
Nonphenomenal Lineage (recommended)
Summer Here Kids

Buy Grandaddy music. Preorder Just Like The Fambly Cat. Visit Grandaddy myspace.

Joshua Kadison, Anyone?

Here's Joshua Kadison, pianist and general "mush" music guy. The kind of music you either hate or love. Case in point: Painted Desert Serenade. Bought this cd at a library sale in 2003, which replaced my cassette tape of the same album that I had since '95. Some days I put this cd on heavy rotation, happy to get lost in the hopelessness that does not reflect my emotional or other state. And sometimes I want to throw out the cd (just like I smashed the cassette) but I think of Jessie (the breakup hymn for Sarah Jessica Parker)and my nerves fail. State your ambivalence too for the record.

Find JK stuff here.

Recalling the Sounds of Decades Gone, When Men Were Men And Women Were Loved By Those Who Loved Them

The Doors

Light My Fire
Back Door Man
Break On Through (To The Other Side)

The Clash

Rudie Can't Fail
London Calling
The Guns of Brixton


Orgasm Addict
What Do I Get

The Jam

To Be Someone (Didn't We Have A Nice Time)
English Rose
Down In The Tube Station At Midnight

The Beach Boys

God Only Knows
Wouldn't It Be Nice
That's Not Me


Friday Night Fever

For those of us who chose a quiet evening at home...

The Drugs Don't Work Ben Harper
The Blower's Daughter Damien Rice
Hallelujah Jeff Buckley
I do Jude
The Outdoor Type The Lemonheads
Wildflowers Ryan Adams
Something to Talk About Badly Drawn Boy
The Ascent of Stan Ben Folds
Valley Winter Song Fountains of Wayne
Drive Incubus
Sympathy Goo Goo Dolls
Motorcycle Drive By Third Eye Blind
Holiday In Spain Counting Crows

More Aztec Camera

I must say I was quite surprised at how well the Aztec Camera post was received.

Go for tons of rare Aztec Camera here.

Devendra Barnhart: Live at France Inter's White Session, Paris, France, September 16 2004

We should all love Devendra Banhart. He deserves it and we should give it. Those who don't know him should, or be ashamed of themselves, whichever is easier. With a string of strong releases since he unleashed his folkie leanings upon us in 2002, notably Rejoicing in the Hands and the lovely Cripple Crow, DB has found his way into my "cool spring evening sipping 4-year old demon juice on my balcony overlooking the brook in my imagination" repertoire forever.

Here's a Paris live show that includes cuts from all his amazing albums (except Cripple Crow). But don't worry, the market has a fresh supply of Devendra to go round. Get some. These are high quality mp3 recordings with no audience noise so it's good for the keeping, very sharp.

Wake Up Little Sparrow
At The Hop
Little Petit Spider
We All Know
Will Is My Friend
A Ribbon
An Island
A Sight To Behold
The Body Breaks
In Empress Hands

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Recalling Dreamland: How I Became An Aztec Camera Fan

1990. Lagos, Nigeria. I was spending the holidays with my uncle and his family, in Onipanu, a demi-ghetto on the mainland. My uncle's residence was a single room on the top floor of a dilapidated 2-storey building occupied by all manner of folk, from the big-bosomed woman who sells rare snakes for food to the cantankerous little man who no one knew his trade or passion. It was in this rugged circumstance that I discovered Dreamland, a cd my uncle bought off a street market because he was puzzled by the name Aztec Camera. Now years later, in the swanky confines of my Edmonton home, I pay homage to the one piece of property I have had since 1990, the only cd that came with me to North America. Ladies and gents, allow me to introduce Aztec Camera and Dreamland. For those of you who do not know, Aztec Camera is really Roddy Frame, a wonderful musician by all accounts. If you do not believe me, try out these songs from Dreamland.

Sister Ann
Black Lucia (recommended)
Let Your Love Decide



Anyone who reads KNK with some regularity (and I doubt there is, but a hobby is a hobby) knows I lean strongly towards Indie Rock. Experts who project this sort of thing would tell you it's my favorite genre of music. Don't argue with the experts. However, it just occured to me that I listen to other kinds of music but have not taken the time to post about it. Given that what I write about is usually what I think about (which explains the lack of Beethoven posts on this blog, in case you wondered), I feel it's only fair I talk a bit about my relationship with rap and hip-hop. Not very good my friends, because most of it is really mundane, uninspired, regurgitative (wow, check me out...!). To put it differently, the "architectural monopoly of the Italian Peninsular was not accomplished in one rotation of the earth." There, I said it.

Following this very characteristic jive talk, here's a selection from my fav rap/hip-hop artistes. If you look closely, you'll notice something indie about it too.

I See Colours Edan
Feel It In The Air Beanie Sigel (feat. Melissa)
Umi Says Mos Def
Fix Up, Look Sharp Dizzee Rascal
Best Foot Forward DJ Shadow
Whip You With A Strap Ghostface Killah
Accordion Madvillain
Strange Behaviour Roots Manuva
Murder Was The Case Snoop Doggy Dogg
Clan In Da Front Wu-Tang Clan
It’s Tricky Run-DMC
Typical Me Kano
It Was Supposed To Be So Easy The Streets
Go Common (feat. John Mayer & Kanye West)
Turn It Up Chamillionaire (feat. Lil’ Flip)
Higher The Game
Bring The Noise Public Enemy

Love a song, buy an album.


Mogwai: Live, Logan Square Auditorium, Chicago, IL., March 1, 2006

Young Team is my favorite Mogwai album, take it or leave it. Infact, take it. Mr. Beast is not great departure from the Mogwai canon, but is the danger still lurking in the corner?

Note to self: Play Mr Beast back to back with Loveless. Then send that bloke Alan McGee a bouquet of bloody valentines or a white dove.

The following live set features songs from the old and new. And Like Herod, oh Like Herod.

Glasgow Megasnake
Friend Of The Night
Travel Is Dangerous
You Don't Know Jesus
Acid Food
Ithica 27/9
Kids Will Be Skeletons
Hunted Like A Freak
Like Herod (recommended)
May Nothing But Happiness Come Through Your Door
We're No Here


Folk Death 95
Mogwai Fear Satan

Hot Female Lead Series #3: Emily Haines, Metric

Okay folks, no better time to post this than on the eve of Metric's return to the City of Champions. And I need not elaborate, given the story I heard about elaborations regarding Miss Haines which I shall now proceed to relate to you. Gist is last time she was in town, a drunk star-crazed kid in the audience screamed out "I love you, Emily!" This my friends, is what is known as a statement of opinion. Well, Miss Haines wouldn't have it. Gist is she became livid with rage, stopped the music (the power of the lead), talked some jive shit about being or not being appreciated for her music, asked the kid if he'll dare say that to Thom Yorke, and demanded the poor kid be ejected.

Contrast this event with another fan call at her Dinwoodie show, where I was present. This time, a lobotomized boy called out "Emily, why do you rock so hard?" And Miss Haines, beaming, replied, "cause I sleep lots." Case closed, you can massage the artist, not the woman. Sorry, "massage" refers to the ego.

As you all know, I make no judgments as to character or conduct on this 'ere blog. Miss Haines reserves the right to do shit on her show. But she is not Thom Yorke. She is a fine musician and a fine woman. Thom Yorke is a fine musician and a fine man. The poor kid was not out of order for loving her. Hell, kid reserves a right to love. A girl I was attempting to date once told me I had no right to talk to her about loving her. I told her she could not take away my right to love her or to say that I love her. All she could do was enforce her right not to listen.

All sides win on this one.

Go see Metric tomorrow if you are in the area. Here are the songs I will surely dance or nod my head to. The rest of the time I'll be very focused on Emily's stage antics.

Monster Hospital
Police and the Private

Buy Live it Out and visit Metric's myspace.

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Bright Eyes: Live, 9.30 Club Washington DC, 29.1.05


Emmylou Harris: Red Dirt Girl Outtake

Goodbye Girl

(Outtake: singular; Outtakes: plural)
Source: Dictionary of Little Holdings

Of New Morrissey, And A Stylised Lament On Positions Taken On Canadian Seals and Tours

Dear Moz,

If you won't come to Canada, then I Will See You In Far Off Places. Dear God, Please Help Me as I have been your fan for way too long. With this decision, You Have Killed Me.

Remember, there is no such thing in life as normal. And no chance in hell I can touch your heart with this cheesy post. Anyway, come back In The Future When All's Well.

Go listen to these Moz chants.

At Last I Am Born
I Will See You In Far Off Places
You Have Killed Me
The Youngest Was The Most Loved (recommended)

Buy the new Moz, you'll be suitably impressed.

Africana Series #2: Fela Anikulapo Kuti

I proceed on this post with the greatest reverence and respect for Fela the musical genius, political activist and freedom fighter. It's kinda hard to respect him for much else, given that he was flawed in many respects too (many fans would disagree with me on this point, given that Fela is like a deity to most people). This excerpt taken from Pot Culture kinda illustrates my point.

"He refused treatment for his deteriorating health, rejecting both Western and traditional Nigerian medical services, but continued using cannabis despite the best efforts of General Bamayi, head of The Nigerian Drug Law Enforcement Agency, who said he hoped to reform Fela's character and wean him away from marijuana. On 9 April, 1997, in a raid on The Shrine, Fela was arrested along with about 100 others, including several of his wives. The zombies had one last go at forcing him to publicly renounce the holy herb, but eventually gave up and released him. "I have been smoking for 40 years," Fela said. "It helps my music. People know I smoke worldwide. It is not drugs, it is grass."

what you will about "Abami Eda" (the weird one), but there's no denying this man's influence on African music. I leave it to Wikipedia to fill you in on the little things since they've got it all there and I can't add much. As a Nigerian, I can personally relate to the significance of his Afrojuju sound (basically, a mix of jazz and highlife, and of course Fela's unique style of looping beats, with songs sometimes running above 20 minutes) and message and I have posted some songs here in the hope that you can draw something from it too. Be warned however that this may make you crave ganga.

Confusion Break Bone

Check out Fela's myspace, written by fans of course.
Also check out Femi Kuti's music, including this live performance at KCRW. Femi is Fela's son and more widely known to the west.
Finally, head to market and buy some Fela cds.


Emmylou Harris: Wrecking Ball Outtakes

By now, every Emmylou Harris' enthusiast is already familiar Wrecking Ball, the 1995 iconic departure from classic country that won a Grammy for Best Contemporary Folk Recording. Very recently, I came to own the Wrecking Ball demos and outtakes, famed to have been given to the world by a source close to fabulous producer, Daniel Lanois. The outtakes include songs not found in the release. Please indulge.

All My Tears
Every Grain Of Sand
Orphan Girl
May This Be Love
Waltz Across Texas Tonight
Never Be Gold
Sweet Old World
Deeper Well
Still Water
How Will I Ever Be Simple Again
Wrecking Ball

After listening, you can head to the Aquarium Drunkard to read his excellent reflection on Lanois' production on Wrecking Ball.

Ryan Adams At The Carling Academy: Leftovers

The Libertines: The Babyshambles Sessions, Final Instalment

KNK Indie Music Exchange April 2006

Here's an idea that came to me in the shower this morning (same venue for ideas on edible chimeras and psuedonyms based on the letter K). Well to this idea: How about a monthly post that celebrates indie or indie-roots music involving bands that get no mainstream airplay (thank God for that, take that Micheal Buble!). The idea is that for each song on the list you like, you can then proceed to check the band out, start loving them, buy their cd, go to their live show, or become their eternal groupie. So to begin my friends, welcome to the first ever KNK-IME!

Waltz #2 Elliott Smith
Local Government Masters Of The Hemisphere
Anything Astropop 3
Girl 3 All Girl Summer Fun Band
Malted Milk Some Girls
The Tain Part One The Decemberists
No More Workhorse Blues Bonnie 'Prince' Billy
South Three Mile Pilot
St. Ides Heaven Elliott Smith
Green Gold Rolling Skull Oranger
Mistress Red House Painters
Hell And High Water Rainer Maria
The Rainbow Apples In Stereo
Structo Flake Music
In The New Sunshine Freedy Johnston
Falling Man Blonde Redhead
Nourishment Nation Rogue Wave
Better Don't Do Ing
Puzzle Pieces Tiger Trap
Still Stuck With Myself Boys' Star Library
Breakdown Championship Jim Yoshi Pile-up
Hindsight Death Cab For Cutie
Lullaby For Lisa Hypercycle
Terrible Town Tommy Flake
Why Would I Want To Die Grandaddy
Anonymous Sleater-kinney
Fantastic Cat Takako Minekawa
Remember Me British Sea Power
Why You'd Want To Live Here Death Cab For Cutie
Custom Concern Modest Mouse

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Blogwatch: Morning Roundup

Cable and Tweed has a 2002 Thom Yorke live set.
The Hype Machine should be on your bookmarks.

More on the Ryan Adams' Carling set and the Babyshambles Sessions later today.


Ryan Adams: Live At The Carling Academy, Glasgow, UK 2006-2-15

Fact: Ryan Adams is a genius.
Fact: Screw you Jim Derogatis.
Fact: Anyone who's heard my "after the concert" rant knows I hate acts that come in, play songs on their latest album, and leave. I love banter. I am a banter guy. Live shows are for performers, not singers. You have to talk to your audience, tell crude or funny jokes or whatever, I don't care. But you have to make them feel part of the experience. You have to allow them scream "I fucking love you" or "Why do you rock so hard" or "You're so frigging hot" or whatever their sick minds can dredge up. Which is why I will always go see Buck 65 whenever he's in town. For this reason, I also think Ryan Adams kicks deep ass at this Glasgow Show. Follow along.

Don't Get Sentimental On Me
Interlude 1
Interlude 2
Everything Dies
Interlude 3
Please Do Not Let Me Go
Interlude 4
Easy Plateau
Interlude 5
Wish You Were Here
Wish You Were Here (Re-start on electric guitar)
Interlude 6
Who We Were
Interlude 7
A Kiss Before I Go
Interlude 8
Why Do They Leave?
Interlude 9
La Cienega Just Smiled
Interlude 10/Rosebud False Start

More from the show tomorrow...

More Babyshambles Sessions

The Libertines: The Babyshambles Sessions

Ladies and Gentlemen, the Babyshambles Sessions!

CD 1
Babyshambles (Version 1)
Road To Ruin (Untitled 1-2)
Babyshambles (Version 2)
Don't Look Back Into The Sun (Version 1)
What Katie Did
Don't Look Back Into The Sun (Version 2)
Last Post On The Bugle
Untitled (1-8)
Back From The Dead
The Man Who Would Be King
I Got Sweets (Instrumental, Untitled 1-12)
All At Sea (Version 1, Road To Ruin)
All At Sea (Version 2, Road To Ruin)
Do You Know Me (I Don't Think So)
Campaign Of Hate (Untitled 1-16)
Pipey Magraw (Untitled 1-17)
In Love With A Feeling (Version 1)
Untitled (1-19)
In Love With A Feeling (Version 2)
I Love You (But You're Green)
That Bowery Song

Phew! CD 2 & 3 tomorrow. And in other news, we heard self-destruction fan, Pete Doherty, just gulped down some methadone - before jumping a red light in his battered Jag. Ha, the boy looked at Johnny!